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The big collection for the Unterach Chronicle.

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Schiff Unterach bei Anlegestelle ca 1945 Quelle Brost
© Brost


The project invites the population of Unterach to actively participate in the development process of the new community chronicle.
Who has old photos, memories.....? We are on site with a scanner and laptop to collect them.

In fact, the digital work already comprises several gigabytes and interesting details keep popping up.
This time we are also visited by “history collector” Alwis Wiener, a man from Schörfling who knows Lake Attersee like no other and whose archive has enriched Unterach with a number of stories.
Main topic: House stories
 Alwis offers insights into his collection of house stories – anyone interested in his particular house history has the opportunity to learn something new, add to the collection and “clear up” misunderstandings.
Also wanted:
We are particularly looking for photos of the sawmills on the Ache (“Riedlsag”), photos of shops that existed in Unterach and photos of houses that have since been demolished! We are also looking for contemporary witnesses who remember the war years! 

What does the project want?

Chronisch ungeschrieben would like to take a step towards continuing and completing the village chronicle. We are looking for photographic material and memories and look forward to your visit!
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Pfarrheim Unterach am Attersee
Kirchenplatz 4, 4866 Unterach am Attersee