Ischl, memorable

Inspection of selected Ischl monuments and places of remembrance

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Lehártheater Bad Ischl
© Stefan Wedrac


Following the successful launch of "Ischl, denkmalerisch", the "Damals?" project is taking the next step. We invite you to explore Ischl's urban space on Saturday, 6 April. What stories do the monuments and memorials tell and how do they relate to National Socialism?

We have received suggestions for this, which we are very happy to take up. In addition to the connection between Franz Lehár and Bad Ischl, the public memory of Oscar Straus and the Villa Haenel-Pancera will be the focus of our tour.

Information and registration at or +43-650-7004717.


What does it mean to be human? What does the Nazi era have to do with us and the world today? The project wants to encourage people to talk about the Nazi era, to listen and to ask questions.
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