Jodeln: Back to Game

with Markus Prieth

09/06/24Sunday, 09:30Duration 3hGasthof VeitGößl 13, 8993 Grundlsee
Workshop Jodeln
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Yodelling workshop with Markus Prieth 

We yodel, play, laugh and let ourselves be carried away by the sound of leisure for three hours. Maybe we’ll start with yodelling from the folk song archives, develop dances and stories, take off into space to give the world a weightless smile. Maybe everything will turn out completely differently. What is certain is that we yodel, that we equate learning with playing and that we don’t want to miss a single opportunity to extract a dance or a game from the moment, a yodel.

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Workshop for all dates € 30, if you participate in the Volxfest the workshop is free of charge, discounts for students, pupils, senior citizens, military service…


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Gasthof Veit
Gößl 13, 8993 Grundlsee