Lukas Aichinger – “znap extended” – Premiere

11/10/24Friday, 20:00 - 22:00Pfarrheim Bad IschlAuböckplatz 6c, 4820 Bad Ischl
© Theresa Pewal, Manuel Miethe, Julia Stix, Severin Koller


Lorenz Raab: trumpet, flugelhorn (A)
Silke Eberhard: alto saxophone, clarinet (D)
Leonhard Skorupa: tenor saxophone, clarinet (A)
Martin Bayer: guitar (A)
Gregor Aufmesser: bass (A)
Lukas Aichinger: drums (A)

The music of Znap, it seems, is conceived in terms of rhythm: by intricate, surprisingly iridescent grooves that give the theme melodies an idiosyncratic, unorthodox twist and yet always give room to cool swinging sensuality. And despite all the technical sophistication, despite the contrasting dramaturgies that the individual pieces go through, the music seems compact and coherent – as if Leonhard Skorupa, Gregor Aufmesser and Lukas Aichinger had, not only joined forces in Vienna in 2017 to form Znap, but also had been in the sandbox for ages before.
For this special concert evening, Silke Eberhard (winner of the Jazzpreis Berlin 2020) from Germany as well as Martin Bayer and Lorenz Raab complement the trio and provide additional spice in “znaps” musical language. A repertoire written especially for this evening will be played, which leaves plenty of room for solo experiments and radically explores all stylistic and tonal possibilities of the instrumentation.

ORF / Ö1-recording

Event info

Pfarrheim Bad Ischl
Auböckplatz 6c, 4820 Bad Ischl

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