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D’Viachtwanga Wiazhausmusi

20/09/24Friday, 16:00K.u.k. HofwirtWirer Straße 2, 4820 Bad Ischl
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Musik zu Gast
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No pub without music, no music without a regulars' table
Wirtshauslabor on a musical and culinary voyage of discovery

D’Viachtwanga Wiazhausmusi
The ” K.u.K. ” in the centre of the imperial town of Bad Ischl has had its finger on the pulse of the times for decades, creating trendy events just as effortlessly as traditional cosiness. The hosts are on the same wavelength as the dynamic “Viachtwanga Wiazhausmusi” ensemble, which honours traditional folk music while incorporating modern elements. Depending on the weather, the mood and the mood of the guests, there will be indoor entertainment at the k.u.k. Hofwirt or in the k.u.k. guest garden.

For this project, however, the musicians leave the local regulars’ table to play in another, distant inn in the Salzkammergut. From 12 July to 20 September 2024, small ensembles of passionate amateur musicians will be making guest appearances in inns in the region, providing an opportunity for exchange, conversation and a series of successful evenings and many a cosy afternoon in the inn.
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K.u.k. Hofwirt
Wirer Straße 2, 4820 Bad Ischl

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