Tavern Lab Salzkammergut 2024

Thinking tavern differently

Tavern Culture Reloaded: The lab offers renowned chefs, ambitious apprentices and artists a playing field to reimagine traditional regional gastronomy with new culinary skills and innovative concepts.

(Original title: Wirtshauslabor Salzkammergut 2024)

Subject to change
Wirtshaus Show
© Lisa Edi

Christoph “Krauli” Held (Project Manager Wirtshauslabor Bad Ischl / Siriuskogl Bad Ischl)
Jochen Neustifter (responsible for the project Wirtshauslabor Traunsee and Almtal / JO’s Restaurant Vorchdorf)
Bad Ischl tourism school (project partner)
HLW Don Bosco Vöcklabruck (project partner)
Healthy Boy Band: Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn, friendship.is and many more
Kira Saskia Schinko
(Wirtshaus Show)

Wolfgang Schlag (Curation Music)
Marian Holzmüller (Music Production)
Stefan Heinisch (Head of Programme Tourism, Mobility, Regional Affairs)
Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)


About the project

The European Capital of Culture provides an impulse for the reinvigoration of the disappearing tavern culture in the country. With representatives from local and European gastronomy of the highest level, art and culture, thematic regulars’ tables will be initiated, taverns filled with art and culture, tavern labs will be started in tourism and vocational schools. The performative cooking collective Healthy Boy Band (Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn) developed the HOT BOX BUILDING especially for the European Capital of Culture, in cooperation with friendship.is. The mobile installation works at a variety of locations and activates them for a certain period of time: in the center of town next to the abandoned taverns, on the lake in front of a picturesque mountain panorama, on the field directly with the productions, in abandoned industrial halls as ambassadors.

“Stammtisch Reanimation live” is the motto of Austria’s 1st pub show. The audience enters the world of the regulars’ table, which becomes a stage and welcomes two guests each from film, radio, television and everyday life. Conceived, produced and hosted by Kira Saskia Schinko, this show presents an entertaining mix of humorous conversations and cabaret.