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Genusslabor Bad Ischl
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We are the Genusslabor. We consist of 18 students from the tourism schools in Bad Ischl, as well as the teacher Lorenz Pesendorfer and the Siriuskogl landlord Christoph "Krauli" Held. With the support of the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024, we are running a pop-up restaurant in Bad Ischl. Our vision is to show what a restaurant should look like for us future restaurateurs. It should be sustainable, regional and seasonal. Furthermore, it is important to us to do without goods from large corporations as much as possible. A pub of the future is also a place where everyone is welcome, but art will also have its place here.

We, the 18 students, run the Genusslabor next to the school with many hard-working and supportive hands and are looking forward to the coming time in which we will gain a lot of practical experience.

Further information:

About the Wirtshauslabor Salzkammergut 2024 project:

The European Capital of Culture provides an impulse for the reinvigoration of the disappearing tavern culture in the country. With representatives from local and European gastronomy of the highest level, art and culture, thematic regulars’ tables will be initiated, taverns filled with art and culture, tavern labs will be started in tourism and vocational schools. The performative cooking collective Healthy Boy Band (Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn) developed the HOT BOX BUILDING especially for the European Capital of Culture, in cooperation with The mobile installation works at a variety of locations and activates them for a certain period of time: in the center of town next to the abandoned taverns, on the lake in front of a picturesque mountain panorama, on the field directly with the productions, in abandoned industrial halls as ambassadors.

Contributors Genusslabor

Christoph “Krauli” Held (Project Manager Genusslabor Bad Ischl / Siriuskogl Bad Ischl)
Bad Ischl tourism school (project partner)
Class 4 HLa (concept and operation of the gourmet laboratory)

Stefan Heinisch (Head of Programme Tourism, Mobility, Regional Affairs)
Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)
Wolfgang Schlag (Curation Music)


Due to high demand, we are already fully booked up to and including 16 June. Unfortunately, we are therefore no longer able to accept group enquiries. However, a few remaining places are still available on almost all operating days, but will only be processed on the respective day from 4 pm and only directly on site (walk-in). As we do not want to neglect our school commitments, we have not set up a telephone number for reservations, as is usually the case in pubs. Enquiries should therefore still be made by email! Thank you for your understanding!

Our next opening days:
14 to 16 June
27 to 30 June
25 to 28 September

The 4HLa Genusslabor team.

Sharing Salzkammergut – Die Kunst des Reisens, Macht und Tradition

Event info

ehem. Bahnhofsrestauration
Bahnhofstraße 8, 4820 Bad Ischl


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