HOT BOX BUILDING with the Healthy Boy Band

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Healthy Boy Band
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What's on the menu? Sausage. And why? Because it's not just sausage anyway. Because it's actually about much more than what's on the plate. And that's what the Healthy Boy Band stands for, serving up sausage on 13 April 2024 from 12 noon on the banks of Lake Traunsee in the heart of the European Capital of Culture 2024; in the HOT BOX BUILDING, where the traditional Japanese omakase concept meets state-of-the-art sausage stand architecture.

Upcoming dates:
8 June, Ausseerland (bookable from mid-April)
5 October, Almtal (bookable from mid-August)

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About the Wirtshauslabor Salzkammergut 2024 project

The Capital of Culture provides an impetus to revitalise the disappearing pub culture in the countryside. With representatives from local and European top gastronomy as well as art and culture, themed regulars’ tables will be initiated, pubs will be revitalised and pub labs with tourism schools will be convened. In addition, the artistic-performative cooking collective Healthy Boy Band (Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn) developed the “HOT BOX BUILDING” especially for the Capital of Culture in cooperation with friendship. is, the “HOT BOX BUILDING”, a mobile installation that works in the form of culinary interventions and performances at various locations and activates them for a certain period of time: in the town centre next to abandoned inns, by the lake in front of the picturesque mountain panorama, in the field directly next to the producers or in the abandoned industrial hall as an ambassador for the cause.


Healthy Boy Band: Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn (concept & idea) 
(project responsibility and realisation)
Clemens Bauder, TREWIT Scharnstein
(architecture and realisation HOT BOX BUILDING)

Stefan Heinisch (Head of Programme Tourism, Mobility, Regional Affairs)

Sharing Salzkammergut – Die Kunst des Reisens, Macht und Tradition

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Seecafé Johannsberg

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