Mischmasch – Music knows no language barrier (DJ Workshop)

Melodies of tomorrow: young people explore the future of pub music

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The title "Music knows no language barrier" describes the core of this intercultural project, which is conceived as a sub-project of the "Wirtshauslabor". Young people experience modern beats in a fused soundscape while searching for the pub music of the future. Multilingualism is used as a connection while young people can share their favourite songs and express their identity. The project promotes respect for diversity and other musical genres, encourages initiative and self-esteem as well as career prospects through increased autonomy and self-determination.

Workshop with Zafer Gürsoy (aka zaferboii):
A 2-day workshop with the renowned artist and music producer Zafer Gürsoy offers young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of DJing. Known as “zaferboii”, the artist with Turkish roots has established himself as a successful DJ in Salzburg. The workshop ends with a DJ concert, where the participants can DJ themselves and gain their first experience in front of an audience.


  • Basics of music & DJing
  • DJ equipment and functions
  • Rhythm & beatmatching
  • Various transition techniques
  • Genre mixing
  • Use of hot cues, loops & Beat FX
  • Scratching
  • Live Remix & MashUp
  • Performance and branding strategies
  • Possibilities of self-employment as a DJ (business, taxes, etc.).)
  • Practical practice opportunities for all participants at the end of the workshop
The project “Mischmasch – Musik kennt keine Sprachbarriere” takes place in cooperation with the YOUZ Bad Ischl. 

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Jugendzentrum YOUZ – Bad Ischl
Auböckplatz 6, 4820 Bad Ischl


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