NEW SALT Session

CRVNG and Elektro Guzzi together with Rojin Sharafi

25/05/24Saturday, 19:00Duration 4hJugendzentrum Bauhof PettenbachSchlößlplatz 2, 4643 Pettenbach
New Salt Session Pettenbach
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20.00 Doors
21.00 CRVNG 
22.00 Elektro Guzzi & Rojin Sharafi 

ELEKTRO GUZZI (AT) & ROJIN SHARAFI (IR) The live techno band Elektro Guzzi is breaking new ground with “Inner Scope”, a joint project with the Phoebe Violet String Quartet and electronic musician Rojin Sharafi. In this dynamic fusion, classical and electronic music merge to create tracks that seamlessly transition from the concert hall to the club environment. The project was conceived in three phases: I. Elektro Guzzi & Phoebe Violet String Quartet, II. Elektro Guzzi & Rojin Sharafi and III. all together. The 2nd phase can be experienced at the Bauhof in Pettenbach. The extraordinary and extremely talented Rojin Sharafi adds complexity and texture to Elektro Guzzi’s characteristic techno sound with adept elements.

CRVNG (AT) The duo Tanja Fuchs and Vinzenz Landl have been working together since the end of 2017, creating immersive soundscapes that stem from their shared background in pop-influenced free improvisation music. The resulting tracks oscillate between contemporary club culture and avant-garde noise.


is a series of events for experimental music positions and digital art that will be presented in different formats and different places within the Salzkammergut region. NEW SALT will culminate in a four-day festival in 2024.
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Jugendzentrum Bauhof Pettenbach
Schlößlplatz 2, 4643 Pettenbach