New Salt

Festival for Sonic Exploration and digital art

NEW SALT is a series of events for experimental music positions and digital art that will be presented in different formats and different places within the Salzkammergut region. NEW SALT will culminate in a four-day festival in 2024.

Subject to change
© David Visnjic

Ursula Winterauer, Maximilian Zeller (artistic direction team)
Anika (UK / DE), Séverine Ballon (FR), BR-Laser (AT), Dorian Concept (AT), Elvin Brandhi (UK), Katharina Ernst (AT / DE), Conny Frischauf (AT), Koenig (AT), Kutin (AT), Misonica (IT), Melt Downer (AT), Maja Osojnik (SI), Mariam Rezaei (UK), Rojin Sharafi (IR), Victoria Shen (US), Super Nase & Co (EU), Tetsuya Umeda (JP), FARCE (DE), schtum (AT), et al. a. (artists)
partner in crime (production management)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

With the kind support of EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee


About the project

Using different formats and forms, NEW SALT condenses style-influencing musical and aesthetic positions and, in doing so, places a focus on interdisciplinary and multimedia projects. The center will be formed by concerts, sound installations and audiovisual works that incorporate the established locations as well as taking place within new frameworks that are still to be discovered. NEW SALT sees itself as a platform for exchange and communication, as a social space and as a connecting element between artists and interested parties. Artist residencies and workshops as participatory, open formats will create points of connection and search for sustainable synergies. Using multiple levels and over the course of about a year, NEW SALT builds a bridge from contemporary composition to avantgarde electronica all the way to contemporary forms of guitar and danceable club music, while opening up spaces for discussion and expanding points of view.