Opening: Åhnlroas – Old:New:Fashioned

Best-Of-Salzkammergut Exhibition

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© Catherine Ebser


Portraits will be made of “mature supermodels” in extraordinary outfits - from the modern, hip and wild all the way to the traditional, old-timey, classical, from “grand dames et messieurs” all the way to simple Sunday fashion. The aged Salzkammergut region in all of its facets. The portraits will be displayed in exhibitions in the elderly care facilities in order to open them up as well as to experience them as places of art and encounters.

In doing so, there won’t be any dos and don’ts, instead, extraordinary snapshots will be created with a twist. From long-established seniors, as well as “Zua-G’Roasten” seniors, as the people tend to say in the Salzkammergut region. The rule of thumb is “everything is possible, but nothing is forced!” – all of the models have the right to comment on the styling and outfit, but are always happy to be inspired by those with the experience, so that the artistic idea can be realized.

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