Opening: From Traunsee out into the world

12 panels along the esplanade

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Gmundner Seeplatz um 1850
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A retrospective of horse-drawn railways, steamships and their innovative creators.

An exhibition in 12 panels along the esplanade in Gmunden dedicated to the industrial and cultural heritage of the city and the Salzkammergut region, about the creation of transportation routes to the water and across land, From Traunsee Out Into The World – from the past into the present. Gmunden is an economic cen­ter and a former hub of the salt trade. It is a place that has preserved traces of its history. The exhibition takes a look at the economic and societal development, with memories of its imprinting personalities.


Johannes Jetschgo (journalist, non-fiction author)
Jiri Kopacek (text, layout)
An event organised by the municipality of Gmunden, Energie AG

Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

Macht und Tradition

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