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Memory is subjective and can also be deceptive. The Museum of Memory exhibits objects with history and stories from the original collection of the Lederermayerhaus in Unterach am Attersee. These objects have been selected and redesigned by the artist Amina Handke.

The museum thus offers many opportunities for participatory speculation: what is original, genuine, true, history, memory, value, art?

By purchasing these objects, you can contribute to owning unique artefacts from Unterach and at the same time support the preservation of the Lederermayerhaus.

A house becomes a place of exchange of living history of its surroundings. The history of the Lederermayerhaus dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Among other things, it was the location of a fishmonger and the house of a Lederer trade. It was farm and a loving cat house, cared for by its last owner.

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Donate exhibits

Donations of artefacts that are displayed as museum exhibits and donated to the Lederermayerhaus can be sold. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us by mail:

Important information about visiting the museum

Due to its age and building structure the Lederermayerhaus is not barrier-free and is not suitable for large gatherings of people – in the event of large crowds or bad weather the museum is not accessible. In the event of large crowds or bad weather  there may therefore be waiting times when visiting the opening or other events. We ask for your understanding. Drinks and weather-protected seating in front of the building will be provided.

Please also note that access to the museum room is via an old, unsecured staircase and very low doors. The museum room is located on the first floor.

Public toilet facilities are located opposite in the municipal office building.

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The Lederermayerhaus is not barrier-free due to its age and building structure.