Museum of Memory

A living installation in the Lederermayerhaus

A house becomes a place of exchange of living history of its surroundings. The history of the Lederermayerhaus dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Among other things, it was the location of a fishmonger and the house of a Lederer trade. It was farm and a loving cat house, cared for by its last owner.

(Original title: Museum der Erinnerung)

Subject to change
© Zimmermann

Amina Handke (artist, project manager)

Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

Opening: 25/5
3-9/7 and 29/11-1/12

About the project

Today, the (almost) untouched monument – the Lederermayerhaus – in the middle of Unterach defies the traces of time. Together with its long history and favored by its central location, it is to become, in the course of 2024, a center of documentation and diverse exchange of living histories of the village and its surroundings.

Using the research methods of art, the artist Amina Handke embarks on a search for the history, the present and a possible future of this special place. Together with the interest groups of the house, with local artists and craftswomen and the association “Projekt Lederermayerhaus”, an installative and interactive exhibition space is thus created, in participatory collaboration, which is temporarily revived with objects, pictures, photographs and contemporary documents, conversations and interviews. In this way, spaces for thought and action are developed in participatory formats for a meaningful continued existence.