Opening: Solastalgia

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Solastalgia (c) Grace Ellen Barkey
© Grace Ellen Barkey


Grace Ellen Barkey collects, films and photographs flowers and leaves from her immediate surroundings. Her most recent installations explore the displacement of a space into a confined area and invite the viewer to become part of the sensory work.

Grace Ellen Barkey has photographed plants, their structures, their blossoming and their decay. While visiting Salzkammergut, Barkey observed how climate change affects this region. This has inspired her to create the work Solastalgia. She has filmed a lonely tree in the vicinity of a construction site. It was beautiful, but its leaves were made from waste plastic. Barkey imagines a world without nature and has conceived a poetic garden with a horrible prophecy that would transform the vacant train station in Ebeensee into a dystopic garden.


A Needcompany Production

Grace Ellen Barkey (Artist)
Emma van der Put (Artistic Assistance)
Rune Floryn (Production)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance)

Event info

Bahnhof Ebensee Landungsplatz