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Film evening with the Cycle Cinema Club

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Die Zukunft ist besser als ihr Ruf
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Film evening with the Cycle Cinema Club in Unterach am Attersee

interventa Hallstatt 2024, AT 2024, 07:43 min, OV, R: Annja Krautgasser
The inauguration of interventa Hallstatt 2024 – a symposium on building culture between tradition and innovation – as a performative intervention in the context of the traditional Glöcklerläufe in the Salzkammergut.

The future is better than its reputation, AT 2017, 85 min, OV, D: Teresa Distelberger, Niko Mayr, Gabi Schweiger and Nicole Scherg
We hear about crises everywhere, the media stir up uncertainty. How do we react? Close your eyes, close your ears? Or should we roll up our sleeves and do something? THE FUTURE IS BETTER THAN YOUR CALL provides encouragement: six examples tell us about the possibility of shaping the course of events ourselves.

Guests: Sabine Kienzer / interventa Hallstatt, Christina Burda / Unterach am Attersee

Points of View

Since May 2022 the Blickpunkte film festival has been wandering through the region, collecting, sharing and telling stories about people, places, ideas and visions from and for the Salzkammergut.
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