Probably the best Hotel in the World

Traveling with Imagination

28/06/24Friday, 16:00Duration 2hDorfplatz Bad MitterndorfBad Mitterndorf 59, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf
Das vermutlich beste Hotel der Welt


The imaginary hotel is mobile, degradable and regional. It is made from air, sound, the power of imagination - and a field near Bad Mitterndorf.

2 hour time slots bookable
Guests can linger in our hotel bar afterwards.
Further information:

Guests book their stay using the hotel portal and are given a headphone system on location – and with this, an individualize audio track that, upon request, can cover the following themes: family fun, business lounges, activities for singles, wellness, relaxation and intimacy or sportsmanship. The audio tracks lead the guests through the hotel and simulate a stay in the region. What is desired of it and how is it marketed?

The “best hotel” has a perfect location: the wild field has a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The audio track shifts the perspective: the guests travel to global hotspots in their heads or they travel through the ages. Is this Venice or the Salzkammergut region or Beijing? What makes a place unique and who am I?

Here, people from the region meet up and question experts about the consequences, costs as well as benefits, of tourism for human beings and nature. A meeting place will be initiated with local partners. Regional drinks, served on located by performers and bartenders, will bring the visit to the hotel to a close.


CHEZ COMPANY, Gesine Danckwart (director, author)
Fabian Kühlein (sound design)
Sabrina Zwach (dramaturge, musician)
Skadi Schulz (production management)

Sonja Zobel (Head of Programme Performing Arts and Literature)
Carla Ohler (Assistance)

Sharing Salzkammergut – Die Kunst des Reisens

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Dorfplatz Bad Mitterndorf
Bad Mitterndorf 59, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf