Quantum Leaps: JIM – Linz (Part 2)


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Alois Eberl
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Under the direction of Martin Stepanik, JIM Linz and its students and professors are searching for "quantum leaps" in the artistic development of jazz – with the active support of the "local heroes" Anna Lang and Alois Eberl

The thesis that the artistic development in European jazz is not continuous, but rather takes place in quantum leaps, in which new stages of development are reached seemingly out of “nothing”, will be put forward in a 2-year research project at the JIM (Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music of the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz) investigates. The concert on June 13, 2024 (Youth Center YOUZ Bad Ischl) and on June 14, 2024 (Agrarbildungszentrum Altmünster, hosted by Anna Lang SeeTonWellen Festival Altmünster) is a “final report” of the project.
The performers are teachers, students and alumni of the JIM. The two renowned Salzburgers Christian Kronreif and Fabian Rucker studied in Linz and have now returned to the JIM as professors of jazz saxophone. Martin Stepanik is the “mastermind” behind the whole idea. 
This time in Part 2, the two local heroes Anna Lang and Alois Eberl enrich the project. Her duo Sinfonia de Carneval has received many awards, both artists are internationally active and successful in a wide variety of formations: Anna Lang as composer, cellist, director, pianist, and recently also as concert organizer (SeeTonWellen Festival Almünster). Alois Eberl, virtuoso on trombone and accordion, among others with his new quartet “Alpha Trianguli”. Most recently, both were guests of the Jazzfreunde with the brand new Sinfonic Art Pop & Jazz Quintet “Blob Pop Scrap”.
Anna Lang and Alois Eberl have been among the most promising representatives of the younger jazz generation for years.” (OÖN)


Teachers (T), Students (S) & Alumni (A) des JIM (aka CMI – creative music institute)
(T) Chris Kronreif: reeds
(T) Fabian Rucker: reeds
(T) Martin Stepanik: pianoforte & electronic wirement & concept
(S) Iradi Luna: double bass
(S) Lan Sticker: drums
featuring: (A) Anna Lang: cello, (A) Alois Eberl: trombone

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Jugendzentrum YOUZ – Bad Ischl
Auböckplatz 6, 4820 Bad Ischl