Saunatalk #4

Climate sauna

04/08/24Sunday, 14:00 - 18:00TraunseeTraunsee, 4810 Gmunden
Plateau Blo
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Climate sauna
The lake is still cool on hot days. But what if the temperatures rise steadily? If you look at the water and mountain landscape, everything seems to be as it always has been. But appearances are deceptive. Slopes slide, whole rocks break off, meadows dry out, there is no snow and a dissident mussel makes its way into the lake. Before everything tips over, we invite you to a climate talk in the floating sauna during the hottest time of the year. Perhaps, so the theory goes, the additional heat is putting us in such a scary situation that immediate action is called for. So instead of inactively blowing even more CO2 into the air, we pour it on until everyone really understands how hot and humid it will soon be if we do nothing. In the sauna, aquatic ecologists, artists and climate researchers discuss with all those who value a good climate at Lake Traunsee.

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Plateau Blo

Research Station, Sauna, Space for Performance and Exhibition
With PLATEAU BLO, a floating island structure consisting of several platforms moves across Lake Traunsee during the Capital of Culture year.
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Traunsee, 4810 Gmunden