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18/10/24Friday, 00:00Duration 72hHAND.WERK.HAUS SalzkammergutRudolf-von-Alt-Weg 6, 4822 Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee
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The event invites you to blaze new trails between art and crafts

A combined team from Otelo Goisern, Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut and Otelo eGen are working in close collaboration with the market village of Bad Goisern as part of the 2024 European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut Region to create an exchange program with international and regionals craftspersons and artists. The activities will begin in the spring of 2023. Workshops, exhibitions, events and other formats will take place in selected locations in and around the market village of Bad Goisern, from the outer limits to the heart of the Salzkammergut region. A new space for encounters in the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut is intended to serve as a “central point of departure, base camp and space for action”. In addition to this, open spaces, galleries and workshops are being planned. Through SCALA, a shared space for experimentation with international points of connection will be created. It is intended for the local population, schools, businesses in the region, cooperating associations and cultural institutions and, of course, all of the visitors.

Scala, f, from Latin scala, scalae = staircase, ladder, stairs

1) acronym for “Salzkammergut Craft Art LAb
2) anatomical term for stair-shaped formations
3) Teatro alla Scala, the opera house of Milan built in 1776-1778 in the splendor style.

Project responsible: Dietmar Laimer-Hubmann, Heidi Zednik, Michael Körner,
International cooperation partners: Penland School of Craft (US), Open Design School Matera (IT), Valetta Design Cluster (MT), etc. 
Team: Donna E. Price, Andi Kienesberger, Jörg Hoffmann, Gisa Schosswohl, Verena Schatz, Verena Haidl, Natalia Weiss, Martin Hollinetz, Irmgard Hofer-Wolf, Barbara Kern, Paige Hamilton Davis
Advisory board: Margit Bergmair-Ambach, Margit Elser-Steglegger, Barbara Hrovat, Petra Kodym
Project sponsor: Otelo e-Gen Vorchdorf
Main partner: Georg Hrovat / HAND.WERK.HAUS
Project management Salzkammergut 2024: Eva Mair, Christina Jaritsch

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HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut
Rudolf-von-Alt-Weg 6, 4822 Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee