Volxfestorchester / Salz Kammer Groove

with Irma-Maria Troy and Markus Prieth

09/06/24Sunday, 18:00Duration 2hGasthof VeitGößl 13, 8993 Grundlsee
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Workshop Volxfest Orchester
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The VOLXFEST invites you to experience your own connection to local, national and global roots.

Trumpet, Quetschn, violin, electronics or nose flute, the Volxfestorchester takes it all! So join Irma-Maria Troy and Markus Prieth and play your way through manuscripts from the Salzkammergut region, through the dances of a wide variety of folk music and find your very own Salzkammer groove while playing. The two musicians are at home in many genres and the joy of playing is their method! We are happy if you have a basic knowledge of your instrument(s) and from this knowledge onwards, every playing level is welcome. No matter where you are, there is always something to play!

After the Volxsfest orchestra workshops, there is always a Volxsfest regulars’ table where we can put everything we have learnt into practice straight away. We will then really celebrate and perform with the Salz-Kammer-Groove at the two Volxfests.

Registration at:, Workshop for children and adults, if you take part in the Volxfest, the workshop is free. When registering, please specify the instrument, for diatonic instruments please specify tunings. 


Festivals, pop ups, exhibitions, dialogues, regulars’ tables, performance, workshops: A three-part festival that creates a mosaic of multiple affiliations through music, dance, costume, custom. Through the art and power of “celebration”, the Volxfest wants to open up an open culture of togetherness.
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Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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Gasthof Veit
Gößl 13, 8993 Grundlsee