One touch - Distant and yet very close

Xenia Hausner, an internationally renowned artist, painter and stage designer who is well connected with the Salzkammergut region faces the societal and existential problems of our time in her first sculptural work.

Subject to change

Xenia Hausner (Artist)

Simone Barlian (Head of Fine Arts Programme)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance)

May - November 2024

About the project

She observes the cynicism and the lack of a sense of reality when it comes to our vanishing resources distinctly and with dismay. Her sculpture Atemluft is a sensory image of despair, a struggle for what we need in order to live and a scream about what we are giving away. What remains? What are we losing? What do we have at stake? A point of contact – abstract and yet very close.