Daffodil Post

An advertising pillar magazine for the Ausseerland region.

The Narcissus Post, a magazine on advertising columns, deals with nature and traditions and examines the changes to which they are subject.

Subject to change

Lukas Bayer, Naz Kücüktekin, Karin Lernbeiß, Onimo Studios, Clara Porák, Thomas Wolkinger, and many more (editors and artists)
Thomas Wolkinger (Concept and Managing Editor)
Josef Neumayr, Wolfgang Schlag, Thomas Wolkinger (responsible for the project)
Josef Neumayr (Project promoter)
In cooperation with: Ankünder GmbH, Network Climate Journalism

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

Publication dates:
31/5, 14/6, 28/6, 19/7, 9/8, 30/8/2024

About the project

The uniqueness of the people of Ausseerland and their traditions is often described on the basis of the landscape and the plants. With the Narcissus Festival, Ausseerland has one of the few festivals in the country that revolves exclusively around a plant. Salt has brought wealth to the region, but plant spores from that time can also be found in it. Celebrated is the star daffodil, which differs from harvest festivals elsewhere in that it is poisonous.

The Daffodil Post takes these special natural conditions and traditions as its starting point and examines the changes to which they are subject. What if nature is no longer playing along in times marked by a global climate and sustainability crisis? When the space for new tourist infrastructures is increasingly hotly contested? How do the people of the Aussee Salzkammergut see and feel this change? How do they want to organize their lives tomorrow?

The Narcissus Post is conceived as an analog, journalistic magazine and will be published together with interested Ausseer*innen locally and around the world as well as with the Austrian network climate journalism on advertising pillars in public space every two weeks in the period from May to September 2024, in six issues.

Publication dates: 31/5, 14/6, 28/6, 19/7, 9/8, 30/8/2024