G/R/E/T/E, the sky is falling

Salzkammergut in Bewegung

A composition with an audience is created along the paths and across the meadows in front of Villa Toscana.

Subject to change
Grete, der Himmel fällt
© Wanda Golonka

Oska Borcherding (Greece), Johanna Magdalena Jörns (Germany), Vera Shchelkina (Russia), Felipe Soto (Chile), Zsombor Szabo (Hungary), Diana Thielen (Germany), MA Choreography students, HZT Berlin (artists)
Wanda Golonka, Ingo Reulecke, Isabel Robson, Susanne Vincenz (MA Choreography programme team, HZT Berlin) (project managers)
maC HZT Berlin (project organiser)
Plateau Blo (project partner)

Jana Lüthje (dramaturgy, dance)

Juni 2024

About the project

Drawing upon the history of the Villa Toscana, six international students from HZT Berlin will develop a choreography in the park and on the floating platform of Plateau Blo together with dancers from the region. A composition with the audience will be created along the paths and across the meadows. Visual axes, embankments and chirping will provide a rhythm for this encounter with the location.