Goisern Music Days for Contemporary Music

Music and ecology

Within the scope of the newly conceived seven-day Goisern Music Days, the state music school, which successfully conducted master classes and workshops for three decades, is placing a focus on contemporary music for the first time.

(Original title: Goiserer Musiktage für zeitgenössische Musik)

Subject to change
Anna Maggý
© Anna Maggý

Bára Gísladóttir (Composer in Residence)
Iphigenia Taxopoulou (expert in sustainable art production)
Peter Brugger, Christian Kapun (project managers)
Wolfgang Schlag (Curator)
in co-operation with Landesmusikschule Bad Goisern

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

September 2024

About the project

A focus will be placed on the topics of ecology, sustainability and music. Young musicians, composers and mediators are increasingly confronted by aspects of climate change. On the one hand, these are practical questions that come up within the music industry. What does a “green event” mean? How do I shape my work as a musician in a more sustainable manner, e.g., in reference to traveling? In terms of content, however, as well, the areas of ecology and sustainability offer new opportunities for the shaping of programming, such as in collaboration with scholars or visual artists, as well as new starting points for compositions. The composer in residence for the year 2024 is the Icelandic composer and bassist Bára Gísladóttir. She will develop performances in the region with the students. There will be space for between 60 and 100 students to study with course fees amounting to approximately 490 EUR.