Hands ON! The Salzkammergut Region

Young people at work

The project invites young people to try their hand at arts and crafts. In this way, they develop their own interest and an understanding of traditional crafts.

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Hands ON! Salzkammergut
© Elias Wassner

Marie Gruber (curator)
VS Altmünster, VS Neukirchen, VS Brahmschule, VS Ort Pensionat Gmunden, VS Laakirchen, VS Vorchdorf, VS Viechtwang, VS Kirchham, BG Gmunden, BRG/BORG Schloss Traunsee, BG/BRG Bad Ischl (Participating schools)
Verena Haidl, Verena Schatz, Barbara and Florian Dostal, Donna E. Price, Marie Liebl, Madgalena Melitta Moser, Werner Pusterhofer, Claudia Gams, Philipp Schwarz, Irmgard Gamsjäger, Maria Kosareva, Dayana Parra, Moritz Paul Spiesberger, Elsa Triebaumer and Lisa Hartleitner (Participants, Artists)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

About the project

Create art and culture using your own hands! A creative school project about traditional arts and crafts between tradition and innovation. A thorough examina- tion of traditions is the fundamental basic requirement for the further development of innovative arts and crafts. As a result, the exchange of experiences between artists of the region with students is the focus here. Artists will visit the schools of the Salzkammergut region and the pupils learn practical applications in the artists’ workshops and studios. Project ideas are developed together. The young people can try out traditional craft methods at first hand, develop a deep understanding of the art and culture of the region and the knowledge that goes with it – the basis for future, innovative arts and crafts.