In search of lost times and new hopes

Five authors are invited to take a look at the Salzkammergut region, the Capital of Culture, with their very own view.

(Original title: Heimat-Welt)

Subject to change
Heimat - Welt
© Kulturhauptstadt 2024

Eva Maria Voigtländer (dramaturge, project manager)
Ada Diagne (Vienna), Guido Wertheimer (Buenos Aires and Berlin), Thomas Perle (Romania and Vienna), Natalka Vorozhbyt (Kiev, Ukraine), Lisa Wentz (Tyrol), Thomas Köck (Berlin and Vienna) (artists)
A cooperation with the Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden / Karin Bergmann

Sonja Zobel (Head of Programme Performing Arts and Literature)
Carla Ohler (Production)


September 2024

About the project

Five authors are invited to take a look at the Capital of Culture Salzkammergut region with their own gaze. The history and the present, old stories and future life plans will be explored, experienced and described, not only for the people of this European cultural space.

In residencies from January to June 2024, the authors will create scenic drafts as well as prose texts about topics within the places of the Salzkammergut region that will be presented in the fall of 2024 over the course of two days or longer in scenic presentations in Gmunden or Bad Ischl. We have been able to bring in actors from Vienna, Linz and Salzburg for these presentations. We have also found young directing talents to realize the presentations.