Paths of Resistance

Political history and hiking together - in seven hikes

The rugged mountain areas, dense forests and extensive alpine pastures of the Salzkammergut served not only as hiding places for resistance fighters and deserters during National Socialism, but also for some high-ranking National Socialists. Within the framework of the project, hikes will take place that are not so much aimed at spectacular mountain peaks, but rather lead to original locations that played an essential role in this context, but have largely disappeared from the collective memory or have never taken root there.

(Original title: Wege des Widerstands)

Subject to change
Wege des Widerstands
© Archiv Peter Kammerstätter

VHS Upper Austria – Salzkammergut branch (project managers)
Wolfgang Quatember, Nina Höllinger (Contemporary History Museum Ebensee)
Juliane Leitner, Guenter Hupfer (mountain guides)
With the support of: Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour

Lisa Neuhuber, Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

May to October of 2024

About the project

The rough mountain areas, the thick forests and vast meadows of the Salzkammergut region served not only the resistance fighters and deserters as hiding places during the era of National Socialism, but were also used in part for the same purpose by high-ranking national socialists. Within the scope of this project, hikes will take place that do not have the spectacular mountain peaks as their destination, but instead these original sites that played an essential role in this context but have nearly completely disappeared from collective memory or were never anchored their in the first place.

Seven hikes are planned between May and October of 2024, each of which will be lead by one mountain guide and one historian. Together, the diverse political history of the Salzkammergut region will be discovered on the basis of the original sites.

After the final determination of the tours, there will be a full-day training for the mountain guides in order to ensure that they are also equipped with the necessary historical background knowledge. This training will be conducted by the team of the Ebensee Museum of Contemporary History under the leadership of Wolfgang Quatember, who will also join the hikes as an historian and who possess diverse expertise. The experienced mountain guides who will be entrusted with the hikes are Juliane Leitner from Pettenbach and Guenter Hupfer from Thalheim bei Wels.