Culture and reading furniture for public space.

A piece of furniture as a place where culture and reading come together. A place that encourages residents to linger and enables both encounters and retreats: all this is the “culture bench” – designed as a modular system.

(Original title: LESEBANK.2024)

Subject to change
Salzkammergut’sche Lesebank
© dottings

Katrin Radanitsch, Sofia Podreka (artists, responsible for the project
dottings – Industrial Design Büro, Vienna (Project executing organization)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

Beginning May 2024

About the project

The design of a piece of furniture for public spaces is intended to create a place where culture and reading are combined and residents are encouraged to linger – a place of encounter, but also of retreat. Planned locations range from city squares and marketplaces to country lanes and riverbanks. The “culture bench” will be designed as a modular system so that it can be adapted to different locations and used as an event venue at the same time. It appears as a medium of the Capital of Culture and becomes a symbol for the region. A QR code on each bench refers to the program of the Capital of Culture 2024.
The piece of furniture wants to make a contribution to the cultivation of reading and experiencing culture in public space and, based on the ENZIS of the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, leave a lasting mark on a place. The plan is to leave the Salzkammergut’s culture benches in the region even after the end of the Capital of Culture year. In this way, culture can continue to take place on them and the bench can become a recognition mark for the Salzkammergut.

produced by TREWIT – Scharnstein, SFK – Kirchham & Autengruber – Pinsdorf