Culture and reading furniture for public space.

A piece of furniture as a place where culture and reading come together. A place that encourages residents to linger and enables both encounters and retreats.

(Original title: LESEBANK.2024)

Subject to change
Salzkammergut’sche Lesebank
© dottings

Katrin Radanitsch, Sofia Podreka (artists, responsible for the project
dottings – Industrial Design Büro, Vienna (Project executing organization)
Libraries Salzkammergut

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

Beginning May 2024

About the project

By designing a piece of furniture for the public space, a place is created where culture and reading come together and residents are encouraged to linger – a place to meet, but also to retreat. The “LESEBANK.2024” is designed as a modular system so that it can be adapted to different locations and used as an event venue at the same time. It appears as a medium of the Capital of Culture and becomes a symbol for the region.

The piece of furniture aims to contribute to the cultivation of reading and the experience of culture in public spaces and to leave a lasting mark on a location. Reading benches will remain in the region after the end of the Capital of Culture year.


produced by TREWIT – Scharnstein, SFK – Kirchham & Autengruber – Pinsdorf
supported by Thalia Austria