Siebenbürgen Connect

Young people in search of traces

Students of the HLW Bad Ischl start a search for traces on the almost forgotten topic “Siebenbürgen in the region”.

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Siebenbürgen Connect: Reisenauer Sepp mit Schüler*innen
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Pupils of the HLW Bad Ischl
Ovidiu Anton
Michael Kurz (project management)
HLW Bad Ischl (project organiser)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

school year 2023-2024

About the project

What historical traces can we find today in the Salzkammergut region? What does memorial culture look like? Which aspects are anchored and what aspects or not or no longer? Beginning in 2023, a class from the HWL Bad Ischl college will start a search for traces on the topic of Siebenbürgen in the region. Amongst others, the following activities are planned: a visit to the Local History and Landler Museum in Bad Goisern, to museum.ebensee and encounters with representatives of the Siebenbürgen Saxons in Upper Austria.

A one-week excursion to Siebenbürgen will take place in the fall of 2003. Prior to this, the students from Austria will have already made contact with a variety of institutions and associations, including, amongst others, the Samuel-von-Brukenthal High School in Sibiu. In the spring of 2024, a one-week reciprocal visit by Roman young people to the Salzkammergut region will take place. Over the course of this week, a shared narrative is intended to be created from the previous experiences made during the project. The focus will be placed on the development of personal stories that interweave the past, present and future and which support mutual understanding and encounters. In doing so, they will receive dramaturgical support from the Romania artist Ovidiu Anton.