Slaughterhouse Festival 2024

Contemporary art opens up a new venue

The “Schlachthoffestival” festival connects international and local artists from the fields of visual arts, music, literature, theater and performance.

Subject to change
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Marie Gruber, Helene Eisl, Peter Haas, Lukas Stangl, Vera Kern, Thomas Gschoßmann, Lea Wiednig, Cornel Entfellner, Anna Ernst, Martina Jäger, Thomas Stadler, Margit Dechl & Florian Peter, Teresa Kranawetter & Hannah Wimmer, Hannah Imhoff, Janine Lou Anne Zumtobel, Alba Belhadj Merzoug, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Lea Raffler, Magdalena Raischl & Felix Breitfuß, Karoline Pöhn, Debora Tchotchov, Lejla Mahutovic und Kathrin Radspieler, Dani Aichmayr, Manu Vera Tudela (PE) – Duo mit José Carlos Velayarse, Reinhard Reisenzahn, Ulli Gollesch, Performance Eber*innen, The Ed Beaumont Trio, Amelie Tobien, Lydia Kremshuber & Veronika Brunner, Alexandra Kronberger & Nicole Baier, Sarah Hollweger  (artists and project managers)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

31 May - 2 June 2024

About the project

The “Schlachthoffestival” is a contemporary multi-genre project that first took place in April 2022 and will start the next round in May 2023. The festival connects international and local artists* from the fields of visual arts, music, literature, theater and performance. In the course of the Capital of Culture, the Gruber slaughterhouse in Traunkirchen will also be used for a weekend in April / May 2024. The abattoir will thus become an off-space, a new meeting place for regional and national artists, inviting visitors to linger. For the first time, artists will also offer workshops and give lectures on site in 2024. In this way, the public will be more closely involved in the art space and, starting from the Schlachthof, will also be able to explore Traunkirchen in an artistic and aesthetic way.