Art project in public space

SOLANGE (German for AS LONG AS) is a participatory and dialogue-oriented art project in public space that aims to raise awareness and draw attention to inequalities.

Subject to change
Solange #29
© Ferdinand Cibulka

Katharina Cibulka (artist)
in cooperation with Tina Themel, Vivian Simbürger, Margarethe Clausen, Marie Themel, Claudia Eichbichler
Frauen*forum Salzkammergut, INSEL Women’s and Girls’ Centre Scharnstein, Frauensicht Bad Ischl – Women’s Counselling Centre Inneres Salzkammergut, Fashion School Ebensee (cooperation partners)

Maria Neumayr-Wimmer (Production Management)
Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Gender Diversity & Climate Change)

January to August 2024

About the project

Scaffolding nets embroidered with cable ties and tulle are installed as façade coverings on construction sites worldwide. SOLANGE aims to draw attention to feminist demands on a large scale. The thematic areas for the slogans are developed from numerous conversations around the topic of feminism. The focus is on questioning current social power structures.

A sentence that begins with “SOLANGE…” and ends with “…ich bin Feminist:in” is embroidered in pink tulle in large-scale cross-stitch on dust nets and mounted on scaffolding. The field of tension arises from the dynamic between traditionally female connoted crafts and male-dominated construction sites. The artist breaks up this binary through the content of the sentences and intends to build a bridge between all genders.