The bewitched museum

Associated project

A musical about a witch struggling for recognition in her witch community.

Subject to change
© Florian Moitzi

Florian Moitzi (concept, story, libretto, composition, orchestration) (Concept)
Gudrun Kaltenbäck (direction, vocal coach, choir), Alexander Moitzi (direction), Josef Ortner (musical direction), Luis Hoyos (choreography), students and teachers of the Landesmusikschule Scharnstein (vocals and orchestra) (artists at premiere)


About the project

In this funny scary story for children, a witch struggles for recognition in her witch community by wreaking havoc in a museum. After a few mishaps and threats, however, she realizes that recognition can also be gained in other ways – namely, through affection and friendship.

The musical, which lasts about an hour, will be premiered by the vocal ensemble, the children’s choir and the orchestra of the Landesmusikschule Scharnstein in May 2023. The story, lyrics and music are by Florian Moitzi.