The Big World Theater

Interdisciplinary Theater Project Freely Adapted from Calderón de la Barca - Theater ecce

Working with Calderón’s baroque, Christian worldview which marked not only all of Europe, but also especially the Salzkammergut region, leads very quickly to very current and controversial questions. What values should human beings orient themselves around in a light of a world where many there is upheaval in many different fields?

(Original title: Das große Welttheater)

Subject to change
Das große Welttheater

Ensemble des Theater ecce (Artists and Partners)

Robert Kainar (Music Direcor), Anna Adensamer (Dance), Remo Rauscher (Video), Alois Ellmauer (Stage Design), Elisabeth Strauß (Costume Design), Benjamin Blaikner (Dramaturgy), Magdalena Croll (Event Management)
cultural associations, music associations, students, amateur theater groups, choirs, facilities for the differently abled, social associations, schools, adult education centers …

Reinhold Tritscher (Artistic Director)

Sonja Zobel (Project Management for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut)

22. February until 3. March 2024

About the project

Over the course of approximately ten workshops in multiple parts in a variety of disciplines, parts of this worldview are intended to be developed, reflected upon, researched, felt and created in a free process whose outcome is open-ended. Calderón’s allegories will be supplemented with today’s biographies, overwritten, reinterpreted and will lead (probably) to new questions. The outcomes of the workshops are intended to be presented and discussed in small groups in schools, cultural associations, social associations and communities. Equipped with this knowledge and some research results, the idea is to realize a “baroque Gesamtkunstwerk” with actors, musicians, acrobats, visual artists, amateur actors and music associations.

The goal of the project is to support diversity in the region, bring marginalized groups in society into central focus and actively participate in cultural life. Different population groups will also participate in a shared reflection of the “prevalent system of values”. The focus will be placed on “celebrating” together instead of being “polarized against each other”.


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