The Great Pose

Who are the "normal" Salzkammergut people? What's real, and can a Viennese woman wear lederhosen?

The art action “Die Große Pose” explores the question of currently much discussed identities. It is a boulevard piece, in the middle of Bad Goisern – a surprising street spectacle.

(Original title: Die Große Pose)

Subject to change
Tarek Leitner

Bettina Gangl, Klaus Krumböck, Veronika Scharinger (photographers)
Peter Brugger (Audiovisualization)
Tarek Leitner (Artistic direction)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

June 2024

About the project

As tourists, we often look for the authentic, the original in the Salzkammergut. Identity politics sometimes has absurd blooms, and is sometimes fiercely emotional. It stands for securing power as well as for making minorities visible. With his action, Tarek Leitner makes visible the Goiserer as they lived a generation ago – and those who visit the Capital of Culture 2024.