The “weiße Rössl” from Lauffen

The play tells the true story about the world-famous operetta.


Subject to change
© Daniel Angermayr

Daniel Angermayr, Thomas Goerge, Uwe Gössel (Artists)
Thomas Goerge (Project Leader)
Sonja Zobel (Project Management for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut)


About the project

Based on a theater play in which amateurs from the Lauffen population form the ensemble, an artistic journey through time is undertaken through the history of the town, which was primarily characterized by the salt trade. The plot centers on a fissure in the earth that opens up and prevents a delegation around the 2024 Capital of Culture from getting any further on their way to a press conference. They are forced to make a stopover in Lauffen.

In the meantime, the crevasse is being examined by experts from Vienna. Is it a natural disaster or has the place even been blessed with another mineral treasure? In the meantime, the landlady at the “Weißes Rössl” inn, together with locals, tells guests about the history of the place. The legendary inn served Oscar Blumenthal in 1897 as the inspiration for his comedy “Im weißen Rößl,” which in turn provided the model for the operetta of the same name. The team around the three artists has already produced several plays that were staged with citizen participation and dealt with topics related to the history of the performance location. Rehearsals took place in workshops, supported by professional artists. Together, a sustainable cultural project is to be created, which can be designed independently by the village in the future in the spirit of the Rauhnacht customs of the Salzkammergut in a similar tradition.


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