5th World Salon: “Music and Migration”

as part of the Seebahnhof Festival 2024 in Gmunden

09/08/24Friday, 19:00 - 21:00Freizeitanlage SeebahnhofTraunsteinstrasse 10, 4810 Gmunden
Free entry
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Concert with: Ensemble Bruno Galeone (Madagascar/Italy)
Rotary Club Gmunden Punkt, Schreiantn Cultural Association (project organiser)

Bruno Galeone travelled alone from Madagascar to southern Italy as a child and quickly made friends who enabled him to learn an instrument. The accordion was not only a way to make friends and find work, but also an artistic means of survival. He now teaches privately and in music schools and tours with various ensembles. His music is an exciting mixture of two worlds, cheerful and danceable.

World Salon

The World Salon takes up the idea of the historical salon concept as a social meeting place between the public and private spheres, as a place of exchange on topics such as politics, culture and economics. Representatives of communities and experts discuss historical immigration and emigration.
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Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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Freizeitanlage Seebahnhof
Traunsteinstrasse 10, 4810 Gmunden