Archeology Of Mass Consumption, Pt. 1: Corrosion Alm

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klement wassner
© Klement Wassner


"Archeology Of Mass Consumption, Pt. 1: Corrosion Alm" is a critique of consumption that is not limited to the material, that does not focus on the accusation of resource consumption and environmental pollution. 
It is about the illusion of the new, about an archaeology of the mental mechanisms that decide, among other things, what and why we consume and throw away how much.
The seemingly cool, technical, distanced view of the objects is actually full of passion and respect for the makers of all these things. Even and especially when the original lustre has been crushed and rubbed off and little stones are stuck in every crevice.
Acritically translated into images in the studio as an antithesis to worthless rubbish.


Every Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00 and daily by telephone appointment (W. Tumler: 0680 1264955, K. Wassner: 0676 9067272)


Saturday 25.5.2024,
Admission: 18:00
Start: 18:30

Art historian Marlene Elvira Steinz in conversation with Klement Rudolf Wassner
An extensive catalogue of works is available on site.

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Schönau 8


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