Box Windows

02/09/24Monday, ganztagsfurther appointments Museum EbenseeKirchengasse 6, 4802 Ebensee
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What materials and techniques have been used in the past to build resilient homes? Which of these construction methods have proven to be durable, sustainable, and beautiful in the long run? An exploration with workshops and lectures as a participatory knowledge transfer.

In some houses, the historic box-type windows are still in place, although in many places they have been replaced by so-called thermal windows since the 1980s. The main argument for window replacement, apart from energy savings, is the low durability of the surface coating on wooden windows. In the course of this workshop, essential contents for the repair of historic windows, such as findings and damage analysis, repair of wooden parts, durable oil coating, non-destructive glazing and reuse of the historic glass material as well as window components made of metal will be presented and practiced.

Responsible for the project: Friedrich Idam, Günther Kain, Andreas Zohner, Stefan Sifkovits, Salzkammergut Education Center (BIS)
Project management Salzkammergut 2024: Eva Mair

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Museum Ebensee
Kirchengasse 6, 4802 Ebensee