Gold cap, headscarf, hat… looking for you!

with Hannah Wimmer and Irene Egger

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Workshop Goldhauben
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Exchange for the action on 25 May, followed by a regulars' table

The wearing of elaborately tied headscarves, special hats, embroidered bonnets, even made of gold on special occasions, is a form of festive dress that is widespread across many cultures. In Austria, this includes the gold bonnet. In some forms it is reminiscent of the helmet of Pallas Athena; as the goddess of wisdom, she makes wise, forward-looking, trend-setting decisions for the common good with a cool and clear mind. In her field of activity as the goddess of peace, she is the personification of legislative and executive power and thus watches over the separation of powers, one of the basic principles of constitutional, democratic constitutions.

Do you own a gold cap, headscarf, hat? Do you have few occasions to wear it, do you lack like-minded people? Here is the opportunity! For the Volxfest as part of the Capital of Culture Salzkammergut Bad Ischl 2024, we are looking for people who want to show themselves with a special headdress while celebrating together and thus set an example for peace, human rights and the common good.

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Festivals, pop ups, exhibitions, dialogues, regulars’ tables, performance, workshops: A three-part festival that creates a mosaic of multiple affiliations through music, dance, costume, custom. Through the art and power of “celebration”, the Volxfest wants to open up an open culture of togetherness.
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Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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Hotel Magerl
Ackerweg 18, 4810 Gmunden

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