Handicraft regulars’ table

Handicrafts for everyone - from young to old

02/05/24Thursday, 15:00Duration 2hTrüföbankerl beim TraunstegHauptstraße 24a, 4802 Ebensee
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Atelier Alte Weberei
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Handicrafts for everyone - from young to old

In the past, it was common for extended families and village communities to learn a wide variety of handicraft techniques, and the skills were passed on by doing them together. We want to revive this tradition with the handicraft get-together. We invite all interested parties to the open needlework meetings. The focus is on a cosy get-together and the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of handicrafts, whether crocheting, knitting or embroidery.


Depending on the weather
Trüföbankerl Traunsteg, Hauptstraße 24a, 4802 Ebensee
District retirement home Alte Saline 3, 4802 Ebensee

Drawing a Thread

The former weaving and spinning mill Ebensee is the hub of the project, which addresses the history of the working world of women, role attributions, social achievements and controversies.
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Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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Trüföbankerl beim Traunsteg
Hauptstraße 24a, 4802 Ebensee


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