Used clothing as a resource: upcycling workshops

Pull Over - save and change your favourite pieces

19/10/24Saturday, 10:00Duration 7hehemalige HauptschuleSchulgasse 2, 4802 Ebensee
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Atelier Alte Weberei
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Pull Over – saving and changing favourite pieces
Workshop leader: Ingrid Thallinger
Finding a new shape intuitively on the body from knitted items you have brought with you and sewing a new item of clothing inspired by this search for shape – this is what this course teaches.
Basic sewing skills are required for this course.

Fast fashion and its negative effects on our environment are one of the major issues of our time. Clothes are usually only worn for a short time and then end up in landfill sites. We can change this by treating old clothes as a valuable resource and creating our own personal style with upcycling art.

Drawing a Thread

The former weaving and spinning mill Ebensee is the hub of the project, which addresses the history of the working world of women, role attributions, social achievements and controversies.
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Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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ehemalige Hauptschule
Schulgasse 2, 4802 Ebensee


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