Opening Salzkammergut Meistersommer – PerlMUT

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Sujet - PerlMUT 2024 - Sonderausstellung  HAND.WERK.HAUS
© Jörg Hoffmann/Traktor41


On this day, the special exhibition PerlMUT will be opened in cooperation with the Goiserer Goldhauben- und Kopftuchgruppe and a contrasting all-day programme of encounters and exchanges will be offered
  • Glittering beaded bonnet and gold band meeting, organised by the Goiserer Goldhauben- und Kopftuchgruppe (chairwoman Brigitte Mittendorfer) with parade, youth dance, bonnet exhibition from the Gexi Tostmann collection 
    10.00, Marktstraße, Marktplatz, Gemeindeamt
  • Opening PerlMUT special exhibition | 
    all day, Hand.Werk.Haus
  • Open studios of SCALA artists Shae Bishop (USA) and Shige Fujishiro (DE/JPN)
    11-13 & 14-16.00, Stephaneum
  • Art and Culinary
    Master baker Alexander Maislinger and sculptor Anna-Lena Cäcilia (AT)
    Bierschmiede, Hrovat’s röstet, Weingut Trapl, Fleischhauerei Zauner, Fischgenuss Andreas Nägler, Brauerei Attersee, Bäckerei-Konditorei Maislinger
    all day, Hof Neuwildenstein
  • Venetian lace makers and bead knitters from the Salzkammergut and the Netherlands
    all day, open space in the Hand.Werk.Haus
    • Open beading workshop with the Textiles Centre Haslach for adults and children aged 8 and over
      14-17.00, Stephaneum
      (More information
    • Open bead knitting workshop with bead knitting expert Ada Even for adults and children aged 8 and over
      11-16.00, Hand.Werk.Haus
      (More info
  • Open music workshop with Toni Burger and Christian Kapun
    for music-interested youth
    13-16.00, Stephaneum
    (More info
  • Haarwerk by Kronlachner the concept
    11-17.00, Hand.Werk.Haus
  • Bewegte Bilder by K und K
    Hof Neuwildenstein
  • Sale of handcrafted highlights
  • PerlMUTige Musikveranstatung
    17.00,  Hof Neuwildenstein

PerlMUT will take place on three action levels:

  • The special exhibition PerlMUT
  • AIR (residencies of artists/artists in residence) from as early as February 2024
  • public event on 25 May 2024

Furthermore, a decentralised Hauben exhibition from the house of Tostmann will take place at the Bad Goisern municipal office until 25 June.

All further and specific information can also be found on the website of HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut.

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HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut
Kinder: up to 18 years free, ,