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The story of Robert and Julia in 1987 in Scharnstein....

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The story of Robert and Juli in 1987 in Scharnstein....

A summer in the early eighties. Julia, known as Juli, the headmaster’s daughter, is back from boarding school and meets her first love Robert, the son of a scythe-working family, again at the village fair. He immediately realises that she is still wearing the ring he gave her. It is completely worn out, a cheap plastic thing from a chewing gum machine, full of hope for the future. He had given it to her on the last evening when she left for boarding school. Two years later, she still wears it.

The music theater project “Hammer” focuses on an upheaval in the history of the scythe industry. More about this project on

Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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Grüne Erde-Campus am Almfluss
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