Reading and slide presentation: A poet from Obertraun

A life for art

06/08/24Tuesday, 19:00 - 21:00Gemeindeamt ObertraunObertraun 180, 4831 Obertraun
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Ein Dichter aus Obertraun
© Judith Zillich


On Tuesday, 6 August at 19:00, Judith Zillich will talk about her collaboration with Hansjörg Zauner in a lecture (reading and projection of images).

The show is dedicated to the Obertraun writer and visual artist Hansjörg Zauner (*1959; † 2017), who was the model for Judith Zillich’s painting for ten years.
These pictures comprise four different groups of works that reveal his personality in a touching way. Works from Zillich’s “pink overall” group of works will be exhibited at the Obertraun municipal office.
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Gemeindeamt Obertraun
Obertraun 180, 4831 Obertraun