THE SLOW SHOT – Salzkammer Hall/Sound 2

Loud in the landscape

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Der Langsame Schuss
© Georg Nussbaumer


A temporary acoustic relief of the entire Salzkammergut consisting of hundreds of shots.

115 Prangerschütz*innen stand at kilometre intervals along two lines through the entire Salzkammergut and fire one shot every 15 seconds. The lines from Donnerkogel to Unterhörbach and from Hollerberg to Hochknall intersect in Bad Ischl.

Each bang refracts differently in the landscape, you can hear the shots and their echoes coming closer and disappearing again. Fleeting thunderous soundscapes spread out between the mountains, folding several times or expanding on the flat and fading away without echo or return.

Waiting, listening and listening again. The shot passes by 3 times, gets louder and louder and then disappears again into the distance. A huge relief, an acoustic imprint of the landscape with its shapes reflected in the reverberation, emerges – and immediately disappears again. E(sc)reverberates. 

Wherever you experience the small section of THE SLOW SHOT that you can perceive as a single person: 

the first shot:
Linie Hörbach – Bad Ischl 15:05 – 15:15
Linie Hollerberg – Bad Ischl 15:11 – 15:15
Linie Donnerkogel – Bad Ischl 15:09 – 15:15
Linie Hochknall – Bad Ischl 15:06 – 15:15

the second shot:
Linie Hörbach – Donnerkogel 15:08 – 15:24 (passes Bad Ischl at 15:18)
Linie Knallstein – Hollerberg 15:09 – 15:22 (passes Bad Ischl at 15:18)
the third shot:
Linie Bad Ischl – Hörbach 15:21 – 15:31
Linie Bad Ischl – Hollerberg 15:21 – 15:25
Bad Ischl – Donnerkogel line 15:21 – 15:27
Bad Ischl – Hochknall line 15:21 – 15:29
Please keep a safe distance from the shooters for the sake of your hearing!

The SLOW SHOT will sound different at each location, depending on the topography, you will hear 4 to 5 shots approaching and just as many shots moving away.

The SLOW SHOT will consist of 3 series of shots and last a total of approx. 26 minutes. min in total. For the individual listeners, the composition will be audible 3 times for up to 2 minutes

THE SLOW SHOT will take place in all weather conditions. If individual positions are cancelled due to weather or health reasons, the overall programme will remain unchanged.

THE SLOW SHOT can be heard everywhere along its route. Find a place along the line on the map, preferably slightly elevated and less affected by traffic noise. Where you can see far, you can hear far.

Mostly productive listening locations
NO > SW: the entire Traun valley, elevated in the flat country between Hörbach (Vorchdorf) and Gmunden, Gmunden Ramsau, Traunkirchen, beim Löwen, Ebensee Brauneck/Rindbach, Bad Ischl Siriuskogel, Kalvarienberg Bad Ischl, Weißenbach/Goisern, Steeg, Gosautal.
NW > SO: Weißenbach(tal) am Attersee, Tal der Ischl between Radau and Bad Ischl, Rettenbach(tal), Blaa – Alm, Plattenkogel Altaussee, Bad Aussee, Gschlößl to Rödschitz, Salzastausee.

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For the four-part project, the entire Salzkammergut region becomes both the geographical and cultural starting point, the material, the content and the stage. 
More about the project at and


Georg Nussbaumer (artist/composer)
Prancketeers of the Upper Austrian Prangerschützen Association
Norbert Schweizer (project support, organisation)
ARGE Hallschallzeit (project responsibility)
OÖ Prangerschützen-Verband (project partner)

Christian Haselmayr (Programme management music, youth, community building)

Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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