THE SLOW SHOT – Salzkammer Hall/Sound 2

09/06/24Sunday, 14:00Duration 1him ganzen Salzkammergut, 4820 Bad Ischl
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© Georg Nussbaumer


Loud in the landscape. A temporary acoustic relief of the entire Salzkammergut made up of hundreds of shots.

For the four-part project Salzkammer(sc)hall, the entire Salzkammergut region will become the starting point, the material, the content and the stage, all at the same time, geographically as well as culturally. In DER LANGSAME SCHUSS (THE SLOW SHOT) pillory shooters will stand along two straight lines through the Salzkammergut region and will each fire, one after the other. Each crack of each shot will interact with the landscape in a different way; one hears the shots and their echoes come closer and then disappear again. The lines from Donnerkogel to Unterhörbach and from Hollerberg to Knallstein cross in Bad Ischl.


Georg Nussbaumer (artist/composer)
Shooters of the Upper Austrian Prangerschützen Association
Norbert Schweizer (project support, organisation)
ARGE Hallschallzeit (project responsibility)
Upper Austrian Prangerschützen Association (project partner)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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im ganzen Salzkammergut
, 4820 Bad Ischl