Salzkammer Hall/Sound

A four-part Sound-Land-Art project with choirs, music bands, “Prangerschütz*innen” and bells from the Salzkammergut region.

(Original title: Salzkammer(sc)hall)

Subject to change
© Georg Nussbaumer

Georg Nussbaumer, Chöre, Musikkapellen, Prangerschütz*innen, Glockentürme (Artists)
Georg Nussbaumer (Curator)
Georg Nussbaumer/Norbert Schweizer (Projekt Leaders)
Christian Haselmayr (Project Management for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut)


About the project

The project consists of four strands that will take place at different times throughout the year. Four sound pillars of the culture of the Salzkammergut region, which are at the same time clichés, will, with the use of the tried-and-true, be continued anew into the future in a sustainable way. A new point of view of the tried-and-true and allegedly stable should be experienced less as a provocation than as an expansion of perception through a sensory activity with what is familiar. It is intended for participants including audiences as well as people who only hear about it in passing or randomly. It is intended more as a euphoric and minimalistic posing of exciting questions than as a thoroughly choreographed collection of remarks and displacements of “what has always been there”. Clichés will become material and serve as the tools for their own transcendence and new interpretation.

Georg Nussbaumer is known as a virtuosic artistic all-rounder whose work moves between composition, installation art, performance and theater. Nussbaumer works with highly specialized performers and musicians just as easily as he works with bow hunters, free divers, a motorcycle club or groups of hundreds of singers in rural amateur choirs.