Sites of Transformation

Guided tour

22/07/24Monday, 16:30further appointments Rangjung Yeshe Gomde - Buddhistisches ZentrumBäckerberg 18, 4644 Scharnstein
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Gomde - Orte des Wandels
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Guided tour through the places of change 

Come to the large car park on the grounds of the Gomde Buddhist Centre to take a guided tour of the Sites of Transformation. You will explore all six places with guidance and learn about the building process, the concept and the application for meditation. If you are interested, a meditation can also be guided at each place.

At 6.00 pm you can take part in the dinner in Gomde, the varied buffet of regional delicacies has something to offer for everyone.
Donation guide value: 20 euros

Additional programme:

Our “Monday meditation” takes place at 7.00 pm. In this guided meditation session in Gomde’s meditation room, you can take part without any prior knowledge and learn how to calm your mind.

Garden day. The Gomde area, which is also home to the “Sites of Transformation”, offers many opportunities to get active in the countryside. Anyone who would like to contribute their green fingers to Gomde is cordially invited to lend a hand.
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In addition to the tour at 16:30, the “Sites of Transformation” can be visited all day without a guided tour. 
We ask you to park at the lower large car park and start your tour there with the artwork “Nifty Nook”. At each of the objects you will find arrows pointing the way. 
You will also find QR codes next to the project descriptions, which you can scan with your mobile phone. In the links you will find audio files with guided meditations specially designed for the object and interesting information about each object.

Gomde – Sites of Transformation

Architecture students are designing and realising pavilions in Scharnstein on the site of the Centre for Buddhist Studies, which invite you to find peace.
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Globalokal – Building the New

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Rangjung Yeshe Gomde - Buddhistisches Zentrum
Bäckerberg 18, 4644 Scharnstein