European Theatre Festival

At the European Theatre Festival the focus is on the search for new strategies of memory culture.

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Edith Draxl, Christine Teichmann, Hannah Maria Wimmer, Anaïs Durand-Mauptit, Lucie Dordoigne (artists)
Alexander Charim (curator & project manager)
Sonja Zobel, Jana Lüthje (Head of Programme Performing Arts)

June & October 2024

About the project

The European Theatre Festival deals with the repressed and forgotten aspects of memory. The focus is not placed on the retelling of the past, but instead on the search for new strategies in memorial culture. The selected projects will question nostalgia and repression and search for new languages and forms for coming to terms with the wounds of the past. European Theatre Festival – digital and analog collects theatre projects that do not limit themselves to simply narrating the past, but instead create a draft for a utopian strategy of remembering.

Theatre, as a medium that exists in physical presence, is more suitable than any other art form for work about remembering and about collective memory. In the theatre, the past can become the newly discovered present each evening and we can put ourselves in relation to our history in the here and now.

Each production team invited will work under the same basic conditions: they will be given a small budget and a brief rehearsal period and have one hour available for technical setup and an hour for performance. We will be presenting concentrated scenic drafts and theatrical sketches that do not require elaborate technical realization.

All of the productions will be presented over the course of a long weekend at the Lehartheater in Bad Ischl. This will be a concentrated theatre marathon for the audience and an opportunity for exchanges, networking and further development for the regional community. Amongst others, the following productions will be presented: Den Blick über die Schulter werfen (Take A Look Over The Shoulder) – KUNSTLABOR Graz von uniT/ Edith Draxl // Tränen und Schweiß sind auch nur Salz (Tears and Sweat Are Also Just Salt – Verein zur Förderung der Literatur und performativer Gesellschaftskritik (Graz) / Christine Teichmann // Bierzelt (Beer Tent) – Hannah Maria Wimmer (Altmünster) //Rip Refrain – Eine Fabel in D-Moll – Von Labande Dordour (Paris, Ludwigsburg)